My AlpStory’s Assurance and Obligation for Cruelty Free Skincare

My AlpStory's Assurance and Obligation for Cruelty Free Skincare

In many ways, the beauty industry has changed and evolved for the better over the year. Unfortunately however, when it comes to animal testing, there’s still a long way to go. While the majority cosmetics and skincare brands have stopped testing on animals in the US, many big names in the beauty industry continue to outsource animal testing to China, perpetuating this cruel practice and putting more animals at risk.

My AlpStory believes in cruelty-free skincare, therefore have never and will never, test our skin care products on animals. We want to show the beauty industry that successful, and efficient skin care products can be generated without animal testing.

Here are few top reasons for pursuing cruelty-free skincare and no testing on animals:


Arguably the most important reason we at Alpstories choose not to test our products on animals is because to us, it’s a comprehensively unethical practice and unnecessary.

Like humans, animals are breathing and living beings.  Like us, they to experience a wide range of emotions  (fear) and sensory experiences (pain). In the name of beauty subjecting animals to painful, fear-inducing experiences is just plain wrong.


Over and above to being completely unethical, testing products on animals simply just isn’t reliable.

Humans and animals and have completely different genetics.  As a result, due to those differences, the results you get from animal testing often aren’t transferable to humans

Testing a beauty product for toxicity or potential skin reactions rabbit doesn’t give cosmetic companies reliable information on how that product might react with human.  This just spells out, “Waste of time.”

Unnecessary Period

In addition to being both unreliable and unethical; in our world today, with all its technological advances, it is completely unnecessary.

There are numerous and more a number of more adequate process for testing a new beauty product for safety than on an animal.

Proof of Alternative Testing Procedures.

Allure profiled an article on MatTek, a Massachusetts-based laboratory that is changing the way cosmetic products are tested.  This company uses a 3D skin modeling technique to effectively test how products will react on human skin. Simply by using human skin samples (typically left over from cosmetic procedures), scientists are able to create models of a variety of different skin types and conditions.  For example, scientists can use melanocytes to create pigmented skin models to mimic various ethnicities. Talk about high-tech!

These skin models give researchers far more accurate insights into how a specific product will react when introduced to human skin. Testing in this form, can deliver more accurate and effective results.  Moreover, it will be more cost effective than animal testing down the road.

Computer modeling is another form of advanced technology. This offers a much higher rate accuracy  Another reason to forgo testing any type of beauty product on animals.

My AlpStory's Assurance and Obligation for Cruelty Free Skincare
My AlpStory’s Assurance and Obligation for Cruelty Free Skincare

My AlpStory’s Assurance and Obligation to Cruelty Free skincare

We are fully committed to cruelty free skincare. We believe that everything necessary to look beautiful is contained in nature, which is why we pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainable created skin care products that leave a low carbon footprint and do no testing on animals. Our innovative robotic manufacturing system is also a pledge to our philosophy. Consciously contributing to our fauna and planet’s conservation.




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