Authentic Beauty Begins at 30


Turns out that once you hit your thirties there’s a whole new set of beauty rules for our skin, hair, nails and well-being.  Thanks to skin getting more sensitive, hair often feeling more dry and new surges of hormones, your 30’s can be a time when it’s worth investing in your beauty routine.  And that’s okay.  In your 20’s you are in the self-discovery phase I like to call it.  In a blur of career climbs, bridesmaid gowns, and Pinterest-worthy baby showers, you’ve somehow arrived here, a full-fledged thirty something.  There’s also an undeniable beauty to maturity.  Now you know who you are.  Your authentic beauty begins at 30!

Free time and sleep face extinction during this stretch — especially if those showers were held in your honor — and even your skin is feeling sluggish as its cell turnover rate slows, inviting dullness and discoloration, and collagen and elastin production drop off, setting the stage for wrinkles.  Mercifully, the collagen production decline is gradual — like, one percent a year. Still, you want to start addressing it now.  Hormones continue to seesaw, particularly if your body is in baby-making mode, which means breakouts, yes, but also brown spots and splotches. Skin may seem suddenly drier and more sensitive, however, so you’ll need to tread lightly when treating such woes. Here’s the best way to go about it and still have your beauty.

Start Paying Serious Attention to Your Skin

Up the anti-oxidant ante 

Go for topical antioxidants, vitamin C and E (use each morning). This will help protect your skin from free radicals and oxidative stress, one of the main contributors to premature skin aging. Free radicals are generated by sun exposure, smoking (god forbid…), urban pollution, but even your own cell metabolism creates free radicals.  Plus upping the ante with an ultimate moisturizer as you hit your thirties. Try Organic Argan Oil Cream by AlpStories– All Vegan Formula. Argan, due to its anti-inflammatory nature and also containing vitamin E and fatty acids, is known for its moisturizing, toning and healing capabilities. Remember wear sunglasses as often as socially acceptable.

Start Using Oils For Your 30’s Beauty

As we hit our thirties, skin loses its softness, hydration and springiness. All these symptoms can be helped by a good face oil, which when massaged in will also help with any.  Try any of AlpStories Organic Supreme Beauty Oils that evoke quality without compromise. Use them two to three times per week.  Ladies, my favorite is the Pure 100 % Pure Organic Avocado Oil by AlpStories.  What is yours?  The magical nutrients found within avocados and this beautiful bottle can fight signs of aging and uneven tone or texture and when used on hair can fight heat and color damage for improved hair health.

100 % Pure Organic Avocado Oil

Try Bakuchiol: The Only Natural Retinol Alternative

Bakuchiol, a plant extract that offers the same skin benefits of a retinol, without the irksome side effects.  Bakuchiol is an ingredient derived from the psoralea corylifolia plant,” aka the “babchi” plant. The plant has a long and impressive skin-care resume, starting with its use in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Modern science has taken an interest, too.  Bakuchiol has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as antibacterial properties.  Bakuchiol functions similar to a retinol, increasing cell turnover thereby stimulating collagen production and diminishing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall photodamage.

Avoid Sugar 

Balance your diet; consume more greens and less sugars and caffeine! Sugars increase the effects of ageing and can also worsen skin conditions like acne and rosacea. It activates inflammation and binds to the collagen – making the skin rough.

Make a Homemade/Natural Fruit Mask or Face Peel

Natural fruit acids that act as a natural, homemade chemical peel, sloughing off old dead skin to reveal the newer looking skin underneath.  A homemade, natural chemical peel helps you control the ingredients and avoid all the toxic elements of the store-bought versions.  You can go very mild with this recipe or go for a deeper peel with stronger acids. The variations are listed after the recipe.

Example recipe here:

DIY AHA Face Peel

  • 4 tbsp fresh papaya
  • 4 chunks fresh pineapple
  • 2 tsp jojoba oil

Mix everything well in a blender or by hand. Apply to face and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse off and then follow with your favorite vegan and cruelty-free toner and moisturizer.

What’s your favorite DIY Beauty Recipe?

Cleanse Twice, Daily 

Cleansing effectively will reduce the dead skin cells on the surface and make the skin appear fresher and less dull. Also, a cleansed skin is the ideal base for anti-aging treatments.

Read Labels

Always check the ingredient list of your products (lotions, scrubs, conditioners, shampoos and makeup) and make sure you avoid parabens. They are listed as methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl paraben on the label and are found in 75-90% of products on the market. Parabens are used as a preservative in beauty products and have been linked to breast cancer. Clean beauty equals healthy happy skin.

Moisturize Everyday with AlpStories’ All Organic Personalized Facial Creams or Our Regular All Organic Facial Creams

We all remember to moisturize our face every day but don’t forget to do your neck too! When looking for an effective cream to use on your neck, look for one that stimulates collagen production and hydrates the skin like hyaluronic acid.  This will help your skin retain moisture and diminish the look of lines on your neck.  Naturally refined with pure organic ingredients for the ultimate experience. We formulate your skincare with organic ingredients that complement one another at effective doses that simply work better for your skin.

We use a unique combination of active ingredients to meet your specific skin needs and to share its benefits to the whole body. A powerful base that restores firmness, oxygenates to tone the skin and invigorates the complexion.

Created by You – Customized to Your Skin

Your Hair Could Use Some Help Too.

Try a Parting

I always think changing a parting makes a huge difference to how the hair lies, a parting more towards the middle will always make someone look younger.

Treat Your Hair

During your 30s, just as it happens during pregnancy, hair becomes slightly drier and finer hair – normally around the hairline this happens after childbirth. So, use regular treatments to strengthen the existing hair.

Being in Your 30’s Isn’t All That Bad!

The best tip is to add on an extra five minutes for skin prep day and night.  Make-up in your 30’s should be a little more refined and skin focused. A mini facial steamer is a great beauty secret weapon to boost your skin care routine a few times per week.  Yet the most important tip of all, is to love and take care of the skin you are in.  It’s the only one you got!

It’s never too late to start taking great care of your skin. Follow the tips and tricks above for your best complexion of your 30’s. Your skin will thank you!

“Beauty Has No Relation to Price, Rarity, or Age.”-John Cotton

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