Creativity Flow and Caramel Apples

A fun memory from many people’s childhoods is eating caramel apples in the fall.  It may have been at a fair, carnival, Halloween party or just at home with family and friends, but the memory is just one good part of the fun besides making them.

  • Caramel apples (sometimes called taffy apples) are made by dipping apples, on a stick, in hot caramel.
  • Caramel apples are sometimes sprinkled with nuts, chocolate or other confections.
  • The most commonly preferred apples used in making caramel apples are tart, crisp apples such as Granny Smith or Fuji apples.

So, ladies we know apples are delicious with caramel, but did you know all the health benefits apples can do for your own skin? Apples are a lunchbox and fruit bowl favorite, but they also contain plentiful nutrients for healthy skin. They have high contents of vitamin C which help to build collagen, and their levels of copper to encourage your skin to produce melanin, the pigment responsible for color in our skin. This helps to protect our skin from UV rays and melanin also helps to build healthy tissues, hair and eyes.

Apples contain vitamin C that is a powerful antioxidant, this reduces the free-radical damage to our skin cells caused by pollution and over excess of sun exposure.

There are so many DIY make your own recipes that you can do with apples, but I have not seen many ones for oily skin.  But have no fear, I found one after a little digging!  A combination of apples and honey can help us with oily skin and help clear up those blemishes.  Tell me more please!  Therefore, let the creativity flow and caramel apples.

Apple and Honey Mask Facial Mask

This apple and honey mask recipe is made for you. Oily skin sometimes can lead to acne or even pimples.  None of us like that do we now?  To get rid of these pimples you need to reduce the amount of fat and sweat that the skin produces and kill the bacteria that causes pimples to appear.

How can you do that? I got a simple answer for you ladies, and it lies here in this mask recipe. This apple and honey mask will help clean your pores and will also get rid of pimples without drying out your skin.

Here is What You Will Need:

1 Apple

4 Tbsp of honey

Steps to Follow: 

  1. Start by placing the apple in a blender until it’s smooth and creamy.
  2. Add the honey to the apple puree and mix thoroughly until it is forming a thick creamy mixture.
  3. Spread the apple honey mask all over your face and leave it for about 10 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.
  4. Finish off by applying some moisturizing cream to your face.  With this in mind,  how about trying AlpStories’ Arnica Macerated Oil With vitamin E

Ladies experience this soothing blend of oils featuring sunflower, arnica and vitamin E. Arnica, is a daisy-like flower commonly seen in shades of yellow and white.  It is renowned as a being naturally anti-inflammatory, fights pain, redness and acne.

So, ladies, let your creativity flow and come up with your own blend of a “caramel” apple, maybe you can even come up with your own type of “caramel” apple mask!

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