Fall Skincare Transitions

Keeping Your Skin Happy from Summer to Fall

When the seasons start to change, you may want to consider switching up your skin care routine as well. Alongside the change of seasons comes the change of your skin care concerns.  For instance, you may have found that a lightweight facial moisturizer was all you needed during the summer months but that your skin is thirsty for more hydration once the air gets colder and drier. Thankfully, putting together a routine of Fall skin care products doesn’t have to be too daunting of a task.

Fall Skincare Transitions

Let’s look at My AlpStory’s Skincare Guide: Fall Skincare Transitions.  You will be better prepared for Fall and transitioning your skincare routine to one that gives you healthy, glowing skin.

Fall Skincare Transitions

Why Do We Need to Take Care of Our Skin in Fall?

Maintaining the same routine all year round is a big no-no—your skin won’t be getting the TLC it needs, particularly when it comes to moisture and vitamins. For optimal cell function, switching to ingredients that promote additional hydration during Fall.

 Tips on Skincare During Fall

1. Change Up Your Cleanser.

Many people underestimate the power of their cleanser, which is why this critical step often gets missed.  If you think about it, your cleanser is what primes your skin for your entire skincare regimen.

If your base is too dry (gel cleanser) or too oily (cream cleanser), it will throw off the efficacy and comfort of your skin care products.

The key to choosing a new cleanser is knowing your skin type, and how it performs in different weather conditions.

A common theme is for people to feel more oily in the summer, and drier in the Fall/Winter months.

If your skin is starting to feel tighter and itchier post-cleanse, you may want to consider making the switch to a creamy or milk cleanser.

2. Arm Yourself with the Right Hydrating Products.

Fall will most certainly dehydrate your skin.  Look for cruelty-free products that will hydrate your beautiful skin through Fall and Winter.

The words “moisture” and “hydration” mean very different things and are often confused with each other. Hydration is an indication of the skin’s water content and moisture is an indication of the skin’s oil content. These two elements go hand-in-hand and having a balance between the two is a key factor in achieving and maintaining healthy skin.

Skin that lacks oil is traditionally considered “dry,” which is a skin type. On the other hand, skin that lacks water is dehydrated, which is a skin condition. Skin can be dry, dehydrated or both. Skin can also be oily and dehydrated, which might be the most frustrating of all.

When we transition into the cooler months of Fall, dryness and dehydration can worsen and cause dullness, flaking and irritation. The key to balanced skin is ensuring you’re using products that boost both hydration and moisture in your skin. Ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid is great to boost hydration, while natural oils and butters are amazing at giving your skin nourishing moisture.

3. Protect Your Skin with an SPF.

If you still believe you can put your SPF away after summer has simmered down, you need to think again!  Sun exposure occurs year-round, and UV rays can indeed make it through even heavy cloud cover.

Protect your skin by applying your sunscreen every morning, and reapplying every 2 hours (or more) as needed.

Many companies provide nourishing sunscreen formulas, which can also help to hydrate dry skin.

4. Skip long, Steamy Showers.

Long, hot showers feel amazing, but staying in them too long will strip your skin of its natural moisture and wash away essential oils—two things that give you the glow you want. Limit your showers to ten minutes and keep your water warm, not hot.

5. Enhance Your Moisturizers.

After making your skin all smooth and well adapted for the colder weeks of Fall, keep the harsh weather away by building up your skin barrier. A more luxurious moisturizer is going to revamp your skin through the changing seasons. You may find it hard to do away with your lighter moisturizer at once, though. You can handle this by applying a more luxurious organic moisturizer at night and the lighter version during the day.

Don’t forget that lips get chopped and flaky due to lack of hydration. Use some moisturizer and then add some barrier balm.

Customize your Own Organic Rose Moisturizing Face Cream

Imagine the softness and bright floral sweetness of fresh organic roses on your skin. A longtime favorite in skin care, roses are one of the most impressive ingredients for truly transforming the skin. Fighting redness, inflammation, irritated skin conditions, and uncomfortable dryness, we use only the purest of roses in this moisturizing cream.

Healing and softening powers as well, roses are accompanied by calendula and lightly moisturizing shea and sunflower for a skin cream perfect for mature and sensitive skin types.

Expressively, the natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin, keeping skin feeling smooth.

This fall delight your senses and indulge by creating your own custom facial cream and choose “rose,” as your main ingredient and add it your daily skincare routine.

You’ll be addicted to its soft and refreshing feel, enchanted by its decadent aroma, and mesmerized at how it makes your skin beautifully soft.

6. Step up Your Exfoliation.

Despite many people not liking exfoliating in summer, you can still do it but with caution. You should not think of exfoliating in summer with friction-causing gadgets or products. Use facial toners specially made for exfoliating. When the cold months set in, you can increase your exfoliating.

Exfoliating should be included in your daily schedules, especially as the months get colder. Reducing the build-up of dead skin cells exercising can be done every day. You will reap immense skincare benefits once you incorporate exfoliation into your daily schedule.

7. Got Skin Irritations? Consider Fruit Enzymes.

If you are battling with acne, textured skin, blackheads, or dehydration, it is time you consider fruit enzymes. These enzymes are commonly known as AHAs and include botanical enzymes of pineapple, bilberry, licorice, maple, or pumpkin. These fruit enzymes are good at purging and exfoliating build up dead cells from your skin. They reach deeper into the skin and remove cells that contemporary scrubs fail to remove.

8. Work on an All-Round Schedule.

Knowing the best way to take care of your skin in all seasons is the ideal way to care for your skin. You need the right clean beauty tools with you, whether its Fall or Summer. Each season requires that you adapt your skin to the weather. And don’t just follow these tips once. Incorporate them into your daily routine, and you are guaranteed to enjoy your Fall.

My AlpStory Can Help You Personalize Your Fall Routine

Get your skin ready for Fall with the help of My AlpStory.  Take your personalized skincare quiz  and make yourself a custom facial cream  or a custom face oil.    Choose from over 60# fresh organic ingredients straight from the Alps.

Fall Skincare Transitions

Answer a few short questions, then our Alpine Beauty Expert assists you to create a formula that addresses your unique skincare needs.  Everything is 100% pure and gentle.  No harmful ingredients or animal testing.

Make your own skincare and get started on your journey to a personalized skincare routine!

With Fall in full swing comes cooler weather (sweater weather!) Use My AlpStory’s Skincare Guide for Fall Skincare Transitions.  Make a few changes to your skincare routine with the above tips, and your skin will be healthy and glowing this Fall.

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