Help Stop Animal Cruelty

So many of us may not even think twice about where our skincare products or cosmetic products come from before we buy them.  Moreover, even realize that some animals may have been tested on in the process.  Here and now with more awareness that animals are suffering and empathy just as much as we are, protecting them and being cruelty-free is so crucial and even more important than ever. Animal rights movement values practices that do not involve animal testing. With this in mind, now is the time to help stop animal cruelty.

The Benefits of Be Cruelty-Free

At AlpStories being cruelty-free is our up most number one priority. Meanwhile, several widely popular brands are still not cruelty-free and continue to test their products on animals, here are some reasons why you really should consider stepping away from such brands and value the cruelty-free products and movement.

Do it For the Benefits of the Animals

Animal testing is a cruel and very unnecessary practice. No other species should have to suffer while we enjoy the beauty products. Testing products on animals does not give a 100% guarantee of any benefits. NOW, it is proven that testing on animals does not indicate that a product is completely safe for human use. The disadvantages of testing on animals outweigh any possible benefits that we might gain.

Always there are alternatives to products that test on animals! We don’t have to subject animals to cruel practices in order to prove that products are safe and beneficial for your skin. By consumers purchasing cruelty-free, we can protect the well-being of animals. And look after us at the same time. It is vital to protect mother nature and our natural environment by reducing animal testing.

Do it For the Benefit of the Environment

Testing beauty products on animals is pernicious to the environment and mother nature. Use and the disposing of chemical products causes pollution to the natural world. Millions of animals are bred, tested on and disposed, because of the production of beauty products for the market today.   Animal testing facilities generate significantly large amounts of waste that is often hazardous and damaging to the environment.

We, at AlpStories REFUSE to use any hazardous chemicals or anything toxic in our products. We pride ourselves on manufacturing sustainably and keep creating PURE skin care products that leave a low carbon footprint and contributing to our fauna and planet’s conservation. AlpStories continues to practices an Eco-friendly philosophy is about an ethical and sustainable approach to living in harmony with nature. Looking beautiful should not compromise your health, and the health of our animals!

Do it For the Benefit of Your Skin

The goal of Vegan products is to be designed to be cruelty-free and keep the animal safe from harm in the first place.  Since AlpStories products are also free from synthetic chemicals, they have the benefit of being natural for our skin. If your skin is sensitive to chemical products, our products will be gentler on your skin. For this reason, testing harsher products on animals is totally unnecessary for supreme yet gentle skin care.

Another key point, we must need to be more aware of animal testing and avoid endorsing it with our purchases at all costs. It is an unethical, disgusting practice with absolutely no justification. Specifically, we do not need to resort to the unsafe and cruel treatment of animals. Notably, using formulas and ingredients already proven safe for human use saves thousands of animals from torment.

Stand up for animal and help us try to put a stop against against cruelty today. Put your dollar where it counts and refuse to purchase products that test on animals. Keep fighting.

Hope remains in the hands of Congress, that brought against animal cruelty back to the spotlight.  Yet, progress may be awhile.  The bill is a re-launch, meaning they tried passing it before.  So, it up to us who are against animal testing to keep up the fight and keep the hopes up that this law passes.

Check it out here:

AlpStories Promise

Our promise to your skin and all animals “To consistently manufacture all products to be organic, cruelty free, sustainable, vegan and are created without parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and silicones. Only to leave you with the purest, softest, and most gentle skin.”

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