Native American Skincare Traditions of Yesterday and Today

A few hundreds of years and generations later, Native American Women’s beauty secrets are still proving effective.

Long before moisturizers could be purchased, Native American Women women created their own skincare and cosmetic products from plants harvested from Mother Earth.

Native American Women First Responsible for Ingredients Used in Skin Care

Native American women are actually responsible for many of the ingredients that are now commonly used in widely used modern brands sold for skin care.  Of all the cultures alive today, perhaps the Native Americans have been if not the most, knowledgeable and tapping into nature and making use of its benefits. From that connection, they developed an understanding allowing them to discover a multitude of uses and effective benefits for everyday life, healing and healthy living.  These which include natural cosmetics and skin care items.

Ladies, the next time you apply that moisturizer you’ll have a Native American woman to thank, as they are the ones who tapped into its effectiveness to protect, heal or rejuvenate your skin.

Here are only a few of the of the many plants discovered by the Native American Women; used effectively for skincare traditions then and now.

These bright yellow and orange flowers were highly praised by Native Americans, who utilized its skin nourishing and moisturizing power to heal chapped, irritated and dry skin. With anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties, marigolds, also known as calendula, is soothing, and brings out the skin’s luminescence.

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Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera grew in abundance in the desert environmental conditions, and early on, it became a prominent source for inclusion in soaps, and topical potions. Used alone, aloe has long been used as a powerful soothing agent for the skin, and it delivers effective healing of cuts, scrapes and especially burns–even sunburn. You will find aloe among the list of ingredients of many products formulated for the skin and hair.

Bearberry can be found in the Northern Hemisphere–and was used by the native North Americans. The dried leaves of this small, evergreen shrub are harvested in the fall, and dried. Once dry, they are immediately stored in wooden or tin boxes, to be used medicinally in different ways. Bearberry originates from Greek, or Uva Ursi–which is the Latin specific name meaning.

Jojoba Oil
Jojoba is a desert-growing shrub that is present in many skin and hair care products. It’s excellent moisturizing properties we lauded by Native Americans, who attributed mystical powers of healing to it. It is used to prevent and even undo wrinkles and promote new cell growth.

We are just beginning to learn many new and exciting ways the Native Americans utilized everything in their natural environment for a myriad of purposes. Modern research has shown many previously undiscovered yet valuable beauty secrets that through the years, have not lost a single bit of their efficacy. We still have much to learn from our predecessors in America. Ladies here are 2 really quick things we do know and call Native American women’s beauty secrets

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Saw Palmetto
The hormone regulating capacity of this plant made it one of the most sought-after means of achieving beauty by many Native American women. The specific hormone production that saw palmetto acted upon influenced hair growth. By regular use, saw palmetto enabled women to get rid of unwanted hair growing on different parts of their bodies.

Surely a significant aspect of the native American spirituality, sweetgrass was held as sacred, and its widespread host of uses included being burned as incense for a portion of all burial services. Sweetgrass would be smoked to remove toxins from the body. In another process, the leaves would be boiled in water, which would be used on the hair to give it a nice shine, and it was considered to smell good, as an aromatic for the hair. The residue was applied to lips that had become chapped by winds and sun.

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