Makeup Is Short-Lived, Your Skin Is Forever

If there’s one thing we all desire, it’s having amazing skin.  I mean, who wouldn’t want perfect skin so they can go at least one day without wearing makeup and actually leave the house?

The balance between skincare and makeup is interesting to think about. Ladies, do you spend more time, money and effort on your skincare products, or what’s in your makeup bag?  Which do you think is more important? It varies from individual to individual.  Every woman has their skincare journey, that tells a story, maybe helps with self-confidence, and approach to makeup.

Since then I’ve come to realize that thriving in any such situation it comes down to two important points:

  1. Nobody but you cares if you’re wearing makeup and,
  2. The health of your hair and skin comes down to what you put in your body more than what you put on it.

It’s Okay to Love Your Makeup, But Start to Have a Love Affair with Your Skin

Women spend an average of 55 minutes everyday primping, according to a new report by TODAY and AOL.

More than 2,000 adults and 200 teenagers completed surveys and 78 percent of the women who participated reported spending nearly an hour on their looks because “it made them feel better about themselves.”

But with all of that said, ladies, it’s time to start getting a lot more invested, if you haven’t already, in the power of skincare than the power of makeup.  Is your skin problematic?  If so then it’s time to become truly vested in what to do about it.

  • How can I make my skin feel less rough?
  • How can I keep my blackheads at bay?
  • How can I make sure that my pores aren’t so clogged?

The convenience of being able to cover up uneven skin tone with makeup is helpful, but it can get tiring of relying on covering up.  Time to learn how to heal your skin.  Learning about the ins and outs of better skin can be fun and very informative.  Ladies, here are some reasons why skincare is way more important than makeup.

Learning About Skincare Helps You Understand Your Skin and Its Needs A Lot Better

Sure you can dab some powder on that oily T-zone, but why not actually try to see what you can do to make that oily T-zone less oily in the first place. And, of course, you can lay on the primer, concealer, and foundation, but maybe incorporating the right serums and exfoliators to stop unevenness before it starts is the better long-term solution. You just can’t know what’s best for your skin until you become better acquainted with it.  Ladies start that love affair with your skincare routine right now.

Becoming More Aware of Your Skin Helps You Decide What Kind of Makeup and Skincare Products You Should Really Use

Ladies, understanding your skin in and out is a process, but it’s absolutely worth it. Knowing your skin type, noticing how it changes throughout the day, and noticing what it likes and doesn’t like will make your life a lot easier. For example, maybe you didn’t know that you have oily skin, and you’ve been using a foundation that is best for folks with dry skin. Well, that’ll make your foundation choices a lot more effective down the road, won’t it? Maybe you have dry skin, but you were using a cleanser that is best used on oily skin. You’ll consider that the next time you buy face wash.

Enhancing Your Skincare Routine Can Reduce The Amount Of Makeup That You “Need”

It’s nice to be able to hide acne scars, pimples, puffy and dark circles with concealer, right? But ladies, do you know what’s even better than covering it up? Getting rid of it completely. The right skincare products can help scars fade faster, even your skin tone, and keep breakouts at bay. You might even find an eye cream that reduces the appearance of your under-eye darkness. You can end up saving a ton of money in the long run if you improve your skin condition, which starts by helps to reduce the usage of some of your most “necessary” cover up products.

Improved Skin Helps Your Makeup Work More Effectively

Having a love affair with your skin and giving your skin some much needed tender love and care helps products work better on your skin, across the board. Proper exfoliation and cleansing can help your daily cleansers, toners, and serums sink into your skin better. And for all ladies that may consider yourself makeup junkies, you’ll be amazed by how much easier it is to apply your makeup when it has a clean, smooth surface to work with.

Caring About Your Skin Will Help You Avoid Some Preventable Issues in the Future

We can’t run away from it, aging happens, and with it can come evidence of what we did or didn’t do with our skin when we were younger. Look, some things just aren’t avoidable–wrinkles happen and skin sags–but starting and maintaining certain skincare practices now when you are younger can help reduce the severity of your skin’s ultimate fate. Wearing SPF can help keep your skin looking younger longer, properly moisturizing can assure that your skin retains its suppleness, and retinol treatments can help even your skin’s tone. Every little bit helps, and it’s never too early to start.

Bye-bye unwanted skin problems

I’ve obviously mentioned it a couple (thousand) times so far, but daily makeup wear can lead to some very unwanted skin issues. I get that you may be trying to cover up blemishes and not so great skin, but caking chemicals onto your skin, while it may make them a little less visible while makeup is on is only going to make skin issues worse when makeup is off. Even girls with great skin are going to see blemishes if they’re caking on foundation every day. While a little mascara on the daily isn’t going to hurt everyone, give your skin a break if you want to give it a chance to get better.

Makeup Is Short-Lived, Your Skin Is Forever

Makeup rules, but its magic expires. When we take all of it off at the end of the day, we’re left with our skin in its pure, natural state. It might not be our preferred way to expose ourselves to the world, but shouldn’t we make the best of what we’re born with? Your skin needs help and support just like the rest of your body, and your bronzer isn’t going to give it the care it deserves.

Skincare Is More Fun Than Makeup

Okay totally arguable! But hey, the point is that skincare can be fun too, even if it doesn’t involve fun pigments. The fun comes with feeling like your skin feels so fresh and clean and looking forward to seeing it improve over time. Sure, it doesn’t have the instant gratification that makeup does, but good things come to those who wait, right ladies? Remember your mother telling you that as a child?

Besides, you can’t tell me that facial masks aren’t fun.  You just can’t.

If you’ve ever applied your foundation on top of uneven skin, you know it tends to look a bit bumpy, and that applying products onto dry skin will give it a chalky look. Apply a moisturizing cream before starting your makeup and you will see an amazing difference!

What is your favorite moisturizer?  Mine is my AlpsStoires customized moisturizer “Arywn.”  To get your own customized moisturizer to visit our website use our beauty wizard feature:

Using a moisturizer under your foundation will help it from creasing and make it last longer. Your skin will be a smooth canvas for a better makeup application.

Skin Needs to Breathe Too

Just like the rest of you, your skin needs fresh air from time to time. Your skin needs to breathe just as much as your lungs do. All smothering makeup onto your face every day does is clog up pores. Clogged-up pores lead to blemished skin, and blemished skin leads to more caked on makeup. It’s really a dangerous and harmful cycle that could easily be broken if you’d just let your skin get a little more airtime.

You become more comfortable in your own skin, literally

I admire women who can go out and feel confident in their all-natural state. It takes a lot of guts to just go out and flaunt what you got, but it shouldn’t. No one should go out and feel any less beautiful just because they don’t have to make up on. Take time to go out without it, learn to love your skin and not feel like you HAVE to wear makeup. Makeup should be a choice and it should be fun. Makeup shouldn’t be your way to hide your natural self, because your natural self is beautiful, and it deserves a little more attention

Makeup Facts

Time women spend on makeup

  • 9% 5  minutes or less
  • 42% 6-10 minutes
  • 35% 11-15 minutes
  • 10% 16-20 minutes
  • 3% more than 20 minutes

Age Women Start Women Makeup

  • 61% Between 13-15
  • 28% 16 or older

Looking Below the Surface

95% of women use makeup to “enhance” their features, while 84% use makeup to hide their flaws.

94% of women said makeup makes them feel “confident,” while 75% don’t mind spending money on makeup because it makes them feel good.

36% of women feel that wearing makeup is an “obligation.”

All makeup facts are according to the blog of lab 42.

Lastly, the #1 beauty product women would use every day if they could choose only one would be Mascara.

Here I Am!

Looking after your face, and looking after the rest of you, is all about you. It’s the least you deserve. It’s the way for the beauty of who you are to just simply shine through and say, “here I am!”  Remember ladies, makeup is short-lived, and skin is forever.

Skincare First, Makeup Second, Smile Always!

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