5 Reasons to Consider Organic Facials instead of Chemical Ones

Well, everyone has this firm belief that our prehistoric ancestors were better than us in several health-related aspects due to the fully “organic” conditions in which they lived as well as the food they consume. According to the Medical Bag blog, humans of the Paleolithic period ‘were healthier than their counterparts of today’ and this all belongs to the fact of their completely organic wholesome diet and lifestyle. But how does this relate to using cosmetics, or facials, to be specific? It does, simply because of the fact that chemically-manipulated beauty care products have more chances of producing undesirable effects on skin than the organically made ones.

Your face is the presentation of your whole persona. Therefore, keeping it secure from adverse chemical effects and maintaining its beauty and charm at a supreme level is a regular duty. This is a task in which only organic and natural materials can help you. Here are 5 reasons you should consider using 100% organic facial creams for your face treatment instead of chemically-made facials that are readily available online and elsewhere.

1.The First & The Obvious: No Harsh Chemicals!

The average US woman uses 12 personal care products and/or cosmetics a day, containing 168 different chemicals, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). When you use chemically-made facials on your face, with all of the promises made by their makers, you can be sure of deceiving not only yourself but your face as well with all of those harmful chemicals.

Now, consider the freshness, organic fragrance, elegance, and softness appear on your face when you apply an organic facial to your face, completely made by organic ingredients and materials obtained from some of the few places on this Earth that are still untouched by the Industrial Revolution.

Facial creams made by organic ingredients like lavender, tea tree oil, aloe butter, marigold, rose, and many others for that matter, are the finest things you can apply to your face. Unlike chemical facials, the organic ones give your face great perks such as:

  • Reduce aging signs by removing wrinkles
  • Heal pores and other skin-related issues
  • Keep your face youthful and skin glowing
  • Protects from environmental hazards (e. g. UV rays)
  • Interrupts the cycle of Acne (a skin disease)

2. No Use of Mechanic Peelers

Another great benefit of using organic facial treatment is that it is devoid of using mechanic peelers, also known as Microdermabrasion, a kind of mechanical device used to peel of hard facial surface layers. Organic salons or facial products do not require the use of devices like these to peel of the hard-facial layers which is employed in some type of facials. On the contrary, the use of chemical facials does require the use of Microdermabrasion, which, in a certain span of time, if applied continuously, leaves the skin much more sensitive and damages the tissues in the long run. But using organic facial creams, by own self or a trained organic beautician, will only do wonders for your face’ skin without any hazardous implication of mechanical processes or chemical application.

3.Organic Facials are Ideal for Disease-Ridden Skins

This is a no hidden or confounded fact; according to a research published at the US National Library of Medicine – National Institute of Health – describes the use of organic and wild plants in the treatment of various skin disease (some as severe as skin cancers). Therefore, using organic facial creams made from Aloe Vera, Argan Oil, Neem Oil, Marigold, Tea Tree Oil, and etc., will prove a deciding blow to most of the common skin problems faced by men and women jointly.

As we all know quite well that using chemically-made facials on sensitive, or a disease-ridden skin, already elevates the harm that’s been done, but using organic facials will not only prevent the spread of an already-effected skin but also nourishes the skin in such way as to avoid having problems like Eczema, Acne, Rosacea, Pores, and etc.

4.Organic Beauty Care is Highly Suitable for Pregnant Women

Gone are the days when pregnant women worry about applying beauty care to their faces, or having a bath with specific creams/lotions, in a fear of contaminating the child fetus in the womb as the skin absorbs every ointment applied onto it; this is not the case when you use an organic beauty care product or even a facial cream.

It’s a simple common sense! An organically reproduced thing can only benefit from an organic material, right? And when in pregnancy, it is the utmost responsibility of a caring mother to ensure not only her safety but the safety of the child growing in her womb. So, go green and use only organic facials and beauty care lotions, not only in during pregnancy but afterward as well.

5. Organic Facial Goes Way Deeper Then Chemical Facials do

One last quality of the organically made facials we would like to highlight here is there immense deep reach inside the skin, which is often not reached by chemically manipulated facial creams. Your skin is affected mostly from the tribulations happening at a much deeper level inside the body, or also known as the deepest part of your skin – Hypodermis.

Chemical facials, at first, do not have sufficient reach far below the outermost layer – the Epidermis – and they cannot be able to heal any deep-lying problems in your skin, and even if they are able to make it, there is little doubt whether they can perform necessary healing operation at all. But with 100% organic beauty care products this is not the case; these types of beauty care products or facials reach deeper into the hypodermis and provide the fundamental healing operations required for skin to heal faster and maintain its agility for long. This is why beauty care experts and healthcare scientists worldwide recommend only organic beauty care products for all of your beauty needs.

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