Your Flaws are Real Beauty

Ladies, do you find yourself trying to dress in beautiful and fashionable clothes, styling your hair, trying different diets to try to get thinner, using creams to hide your imperfections or perhaps even putting on way too much makeup on for your taste, all to try to emphasize your beauty?  But, do you want to know what is beautiful underneath all of that?  It’s you! Yes, you, with all the limitless beauty and Your Flaws are Real Beauty, that comes with being a woman.

Who is the one out there that decides “what,” is beautiful?  We all have our different definitions of what we find beautiful.  Always remember ladies nobody else can tell you what beauty meansor whether you’re beautiful or not.  Appreciate who you are and know that your beauty is reflected in all aspects of your life, of your individual existence.  Just like no single snowflake is the same, no single person is the same.

Celebrate Your Individuality

Trying to be Perfect is Exhausting

Ladies, take a moment with me and think about all the different kinds of procedures, cosmetics surgeries, and anti-ag­­­ing this or that, people go through to change themselves, maybe in their mind for the better, but what is wrong with the original versions?  Today it seems like people fear that anything that is approaching “older, will be labeled fractured, or it seems like we reject anything or imperfect.

Our current consumer society seems to value tall, perfect, thin.  It has lost other crucial values somewhere along the way, one likes, what it means to be feminine, or the beauty of a real woman. ­­These are the ones are key ones for that pave the path for our daughters’ future.

Ladies why do we try to achieve an ideal that’s impossible because it’s not real, and it prevents us from seeing how beautiful we already are?  Who has time to be perfect?  Frankly, it’s just too exhausting.

The Beauty and Strength of Flaws (Kintsugi)

We can really learn a thing or two from the Japanese about finding beauty in our flaws.  Did you know that the Japanese fix broken ceramic with a strong adhesive and gold dust, which highlights the flaws instead of trying to hide it?  The Japanese people believe that when something is damaged or broken, it has a story to tell, which makes it more beautiful. This is the traditional art of Kintsugi.  Isn’t this concept amazing ladies?

If we are able to transfer this idea so we’d learn to appreciate flaws and aging, with all of its wisdom and strength. We’d learn to accept ourselves the way we are, without trying to prevent the passage of time.

There Nothing Wrong with Letting Fragility Show

Why is there this common belief that “perfect” people don’t cry, or you are weak if you cry?  If you cry, you fail.  Or, perhaps you have a body that doesn’t fulfill society’s standards of beauty there is no way a person like this can be happy?

Ladies, it is important that we learn that it is okay to let it let your fragility show. The things that make us feel fragile can also bring us closer to other people.

It can be scary the idea of showing our vulnerability, but if we do take the chance, they can’t be ourselves. We won’t learn how to let others see us for who we are. It might hurt, but it’s a risk that we should take so that we can live according to our own identity.

Flawless Beauty

Step by step, the concept is starting to evolve that beauty is not just a very young, very thin model; beauty is real, flawless and revealed through the passage of time.  It is trying to assert values like self-esteem, feeling good, and being an individual.

Yes, sometimes ladies some of us are set in our ways and it’s complicated to try and change one’s understanding of beauty, especially because beauty is subjective. It means something different to everyone.

Beauty is flawless imperfect, natural, and it doesn’t cover up or try to be something it’s not.  It doesn’t hide signs of aging, but rather appreciates its wisdom and history, and shows it to the world.

Let Your Flaws Show and Learn to Beautiful

Your beauty is revealed when you show yourself the way you are.  It’s when your natural self comes to the surface. This is when you don’t hide, when you laugh and cry, when you’re afraid and you show it, when you feel vulnerable and you let other people see that, when you dare to love and open your heart. Ladies this is when you are your most beautiful.

Is there anything more beautiful than being yourself? We’re taught to hide ourselves, to wear makeup, to cover ourselves up, but today ladies lets get out there and spread our wings since Your Flaws are Real Beauty!

When Do You Find Yourself Most Beautiful?

Simple things like:

  • Maintaining a happy and healthy spirit
  • Having a positive and maintaining positive mind
  • Honoring your body (taking care of yourself and do things to feel grounded)

Whenever the moment is ladies that you feel your most beautiful, these simple little things can help you feel your beauty continuously.

When you endeavor to be who you are and be true to yourself, you will automatically feel attractive and unique.

I feel my most beautiful when my skin feels like it is soft and glowing.  Additionally, ladies, I have achieved this feeling with my personalized facial cream Arwyn that I created using Alpstories’ Beauty Wizard feature on their website.  Within a few minutes and the answering of a few questions, you too can have your own personalized facial cream, made off the freshest ingredients that are 100% organic.

The best part is no one else has your formula, it is created especially for you by you!  That is beauty all on its own.


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